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Swans Lotto & Half Time Flyer

What is Swans Lotto?

Swans Lotto gives you the chance to bet on a non-UK lottery and win life-changing prizes twice a week whilst also supporting the SCFC Community Trust, a not-for-profit organisation backed by the Professional Footballers' Association.

Unlike traditional lotteries, where the prize pool is distributed from the sale of tickets, when you purchase a 'ticket' for Swans Lotto you are placing a bet on the outcome of the German national lottery. This means you can expect on average jackpots of £7.5m with rollovers of up to £40m.

To place a bet all you need to do is simply select six numbers from 1 to 49 and one 'Legend' number from 0 to 9 and keep your fingers crossed.... JOIN HERE


Half Time Flyer 


Season 2018-19

Swans v Preston
Ticket: Home HF24025
Amount: £163
Winner: tbc
2nd prize: AF 24157
3rd prize: AF 24643

Swans v Bristol City
Ticket: Home HF24917
Amount: £tbc
Winner: Mrs Williams

Swans v Notts Forest
Ticket: Home HF15191
Amount: £500
Winner: Alan Whiffen
2nd prize: AF 1312
3rd prize: HF 13088.

Swans v QPR
Ticket: Away AF07688
Amount: £236.91
Winner: TBC
2nd prize: HF15797
3rd prize: HF16277

Swans v Ipswich
Ticket: Home HF13731
Amount: £241
Second prize, signed shirt or ball: HF 13302
Third prize, shop voucher £25: HF 13454

Season 2017-18

Swans v Sampdoria
Ticket: Home HF00031
Amount: £157
Winner: Anthony Gilbert

Swans v Manchester United
Ticket: Away AF41782
Amount: £681
Winner: Steven Morgan

Swans v Newcastle
Date: 10.9.17
Ticket: Away AF42722
Amount: £550
Winner: Unclaimed

Swans v Watford
Date: 23.9.17
Ticket: Home HF00445
Amount: £649
Winner: Anthony Rowe

Swans v Huddersfield
Date: 14.10.17
Ticket: Home HF04923
Amount: £560
Winner: John Mathews

Swans v Leicester
Ticket: Away AF40259
Amount: £440
Winner: T E Lewis

Swans v Manchester United
Date: 24.10.17
Ticket: Away AF55005
Amount: £167
Winner: Joseph Aubrey

Swans v Brighton & Hove Albion
Date: 4.11.17
Ticket: Home HF15985
Amount: £584
Winner: James Rafferty

Swans v Bournemouth
Ticket: Away AF444465
Amount: £437.40
Winner: Mrs Julie Davies

Swans v Man City
Date: 12.12.17
Ticket: Home HF15717
Amount: £288.65
Winner: Mr Kenneth Gibb

Swans v Crystal Palace
Date: 23.12.17
Ticket: Home HF08509
Amount: £454.90
Winner: Miss Tamsin King

Swans v Tottenham
Date: 2.1.18
Ticket: Home HF10670
Amount: £196
Winner: Bethan Hughes

Swans v Wolves
Ticket: HOME HF09860
Amount: £157.95
Winner: Unclaimed

Swans v Liverpool
Date: 22.1.18
Ticket: Home HF10925
Amount: TBC
Winner: Unclaimed
Signed ball – Away AF52202
£25 shop voucher – Away AF53129

Swans v Arsenal
Date: 30.1.18
Ticket: Home Flyer HF14270
Amount: TBC
Winner: Phillip John Foley
Signed ball – Home Flyer HF14146
£25 shop voucher – Home Flyer HF 14145

Swans v Notts County
Date: 6.2.18
Ticket: Home HF 14835
Amount: tbc
Winner:  Mrs Pauline Evans
Signed ball – AWAY FLYER AF54001
£25 shop voucher – AWAY FLYER AF54019

Swans v Burnley
Date: 10.2.18
Ticket: Away AF46130
Amount: £400
Winner:  tbc
Signed ball – Home Flyer HF14773
£25 shop voucher – Away Flyer AF53158

Swans v Sheff Wednesday
Date: 27.2.18
Ticket: HF11919
Amount: £50

Signed Shirt – HF09457
£25 shop voucher – AF51452

Swans v West Ham
Date: 3.3.18
Ticket: HF11879
Amount: £300
Signed shirt – HF12770
£25 shop voucher –  HF14815

Swans v Spurs
Date: 17.3.18
Ticket: AF63681
Amount: £TBC
Signed shirt – HF16591

£25 shop voucher –  HF13351

Swans v Everton
Date: 14.4.18
Ticket: HF13133
Amount: £TBC
Signed shirt – AF56358

£25 shop voucher –  AF42783

Swans v Chelsea
Date: 28.4.18
Ticket: HF25950
Amount: £334.30p

Signed shirt – TBC
£25 shop voucher –  TBC

Swans v Southampton
Date: 8.5.18
Ticket: AF64275

Signed shirt – HF27792
£25 shop voucher –  HF26112

Swans v Stoke
Date: 13.5.18
Ticket: HF25833

Amount: £290
Signed shirt – HF25308