The Stateside Jacks

Stateside Jacks become official

Swansea City is going global on American Independence Day by launching the club’s first revamped Official International Supporters Club.

The club’s seven years in the Premier League saw its international support swell all around the world – and nowhere more than in the United States.

As a result, all the regional Swans supporter’s groups in the United States have now come together to form an official Stateside Jacks national supporters group.

The Stateside Jacks supporters group include New York City Jacks, DC Jacks, San Diego Swans, California Jacks, Jacks in Philly, Baltimore Swans, Atlanta Jacks, Detroit Jacks, Scenic City Swans (Tennessee), Seattle Swans, Austin Jacks, Chicago Swans and Columbus Jacks.

Marc Padro and Jonathan Notman who co-founded the Stateside Jacks explained the story behind the supporters club.

“It all started back in 2017 when the Swans came to the States for their pre-season tour. Various regional Swansea city fan groups from around the United States combined forces to create the Stateside Jacks, a ragtag group of misfit fans with an unspeakable passion for their Welsh football club.

“With regional supporters’ groups based across the United States, each brings their own unique identity to Swansea fandom from New York City to San Diego. We see the Stateside Jacks as our unique opportunity to bring together a large group of national fans with the aim of creating a common bond for the club they support’’.

You can find out more about the Stateside Jacks at