Young Swans benefit from life skills workshop

3rd September

Swansea City Under-18s were this week given an education into the dangers surrounding alcohol and social media misuse.
South Wales Police PC Craig Hadley, who regularly works with youngsters at 28 schools in the Swansea area, gave two session presentations on the topics at Landore training ground on Thursday. 
PC Hadley said the talks were set up by the club not only to give the young players life skills, but also to pass on valuable information to keep young people safe.
"The sessions focused on the issues surrounding the dangers of alcohol and sending risky pictures and the negative impact it can have on people," said PC Hadley.
"Anyone can be affected by both issues, no matter what age they are.
"In the current climate everyone has a smart phone and the ability to send pictures. So many young people do not realise the amount of offences involving photo messaging they could go to prison for.
"Life skills sessions like this are massively helping young people. Young players have a responsibility not only to themselves and family but also to the club to act appropriately in life.
"They need to be fully aware of their responsibilities and the dangers in life as they grow into adults and professional players."