TV Selection Dates

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Live TV Selection Dates

All scheduled Swansea City fixtures are subject to change due to the EFL’s domestic broadcasting agreement with Sky Sports.

In order to minimise the disruption for supporters looking to book match tickets, travel and accommodation for home and away games, below are the dates that Sky must confirm their TV picks.

The minimum five-week notice commitment remains in place for most of the season, but for matches taking place from March 7 onwards it is shortened to four weeks’ notice.

The notice period remains at three weeks for the penultimate weekend of the season.


Sky Sports Live TV announcement dates for 2019-20

Selections for 10th August to 31st August - by 5th July.

Selections for 7th September to 28th September - by 26th July.

Selections for 2nd October to 9th November - by 30th August.

Selections for 16th November to 7th December - by 4th October.

Selections for 11th December to 11th January - by 1st November.

Selections for 18th January to 1st February - by 6th December.

Selections for 8th February to 29th February - by 3rd January.

Selections for 7th March - by 7th February.

Selections for 14th March and 18th March - by 14th February.

Selections for 21st March - by 21st February.

Selections for 28th March - by 28th February.

Selections for 4th April - by 6th March.

Selections for 10th April to 13th April - by 13th March.

Selections for 18th April - by 20th March.

Selections for 25th April - by 3rd April.

Selections for 2nd and 3rd May - by 27th April.