Stadium Tours


Swansea City fans can follow in their heroes’ footsteps with our stadium tours.

Areas that are usually off-limits to supporters are now available for everyone to view from the tunnel area, changing rooms and media areas.

Sit in the seats the players use, learn what it’s like to walk from the tunnel onto the pitch and view all the areas that are usually reserved solely for players and backroom staff.

Tours are priced as £15 per adult, £12 per over 65 or student. While under-16s are £10 and under-threes are free of charge. For grassroots teams and schools, tours are priced at £8 per child (minimum of 20) and teachers/ coaches go free (up to four). 

The club has also introduced quiet tours which will take place quarterly. These tours are limited to 15 people with lighting and sounds reduced. In order to make this tour as quiet and accessible as possible, the tour route will be slightly amended.



There are no dates currently available for stadium tours. You can keep up to date on new stadium tour dates by filling in the form below.