Live Packages

For those season ticket holders who have opted for live streaming as part of their 2019-20 refund option, you will be emailed a promotional code on Wednesday (June 17) which will give you access to all nine remaining Championship games, including ‘live’ Sky fixtures.

If you haven’t completed the request yet, you need to do so HERE. The deadline for this is 10am on Monday (June 15).

If you struggle with technology, please do not worry as we will make consideration for this after the deadline on a case-by-case basis. There is also a call back form HERE.


You will also need to create a Swans Club Account if you do not already have one. This is to log in to watch the stream after you have received your code.

You can sign up to a Swans Club Account HERE

Update your Swans Club Account HERE

More information on the Swans Club Account is HERE

If you have issues registering or find internet technology difficult, we will be operating a hotline number 01792 616599 on a match day. This line will be open 90 minutes prior to kick-off for each fixture. Please call us if you have any issues logging into your account or accessing the stream. 

For Swans Club Account help, email in the first instance or phone 01792 616599. 

For technical streaming help, email our streaming partner at

Supporters who are not due to receive a promotional code can purchase each individual game for £10 at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately, live Sky fixtures will not be available to purchase.

Once you have received your promotional code or purchased an individual game, you should sign in and test your account is working. We will be running a test stream from Tuesday, June 16.

We advise that you do this well ahead of the first fixture so we can rectify any issues in plenty of time. We cannot guarantee resolving issues if large numbers sign in for the first time on the day of the game. So please test your account a few days ahead of the game in question.

Step-by-step guide

  1. User receives code via email
  2. User should go HERE
  3. Scroll down and enter the code in the box 'Have a gift voucher or discount code?'
  4. If user is logged in, they'll see the success message.
  5. If user isn't logged in, they'll be prompted to login to their Swans Club Account, then they'll see the success message. If you haven’t got a Swans Club Account, you need to register one. You are advised to do this in advance.
  6. Live stream is then available to view from the home page of the official website (the live logo is in the top left corner). Ensure that you have selected the video or audio button. The link on the official Swans App will either be in the Swans tab or Live tab on the bottom of your device.
  7. Each voucher can only be used on one device at a time
  8. Reminder that if watching the stream on a mobile device, the club app MUST be used due to EFL regulations.
    Please log into your account from one hour before kick-off. We advise that you log in well ahead of kick-off so we can rectify any issues in plenty of time. We cannot guarantee resolving issues if large numbers sign in just before kick-off.

Mobile / tablet: If you are on a mobile device you can only view the live content on the Official Swans App. You can download this on android or IOS handsets. Please ensure that you have selected the video or audio button. Audio is available on all devices.