Brand Protection

Protecting our brand

As a result of our continued success on and off the pitch, the Swansea City AFC brand is fast becoming recognised across the world, and is becoming more important and valuable to the club every day. With this in mind, we are committed to protecting the Swansea City brand and our Intellectual Property.

What is brand protection?

Swansea City AFC has a growing portfolio of registered trademarks protecting our club crests, name and nicknames. Brand protection is the action taken by us to prevent the unauthorised use of our brand and Intellectual Property by individuals and organisations.

What is counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is the deliberate attempt to deceive consumers into believing goods are official by using well known, registered trademarks on copies of official merchandise or other unauthorised products. These products are often of poor quality and have not been through the rigorous quality control and testing procedures we pride ourselves on; they often become faulty and in some circumstances, can cause injury. In order to protect our fans, we aim to remove these products from circulation and take legal action where necessary.

How can you help us?

Although we have our own policing methods, we rely heavily on our fans to help us put a stop to this criminal activity. If you have any information on counterfeit goods, or the unauthorised use of any of our Intellectual Property, please do not hesitate to contact us. All information will be held in the strictest confidence, and only shared with the relevant agencies to enforce legal action.


Brand Protection Department
Swansea City AFC Stadium

What to do if you want to use our Intellectual Property?

In order to use any of our Intellectual Property rights, you must have prior, written permission from the club. While we fully appreciate and understand that fans and companies may want to use our club marks, we have to keep tight controls for the reasons set out above. If you wish to use our brand, please email or write to the Brand Protection department as detailed above, outlining the reasons for using the Swansea City brand. Whilst we cannot fulfil every request, we will make a decision on each individual case based on its own merits.


Swansea City AFC appreciates any help and support our fans can provide on this matter.