Official heating services partner

Amroc partner graphic

Amroc Group has signed a three-year partnership deal with Swansea City as the club's official heating services partner. 

The agreement includes extensive branding at the stadium, and builds on an already-established relationship that goes above and beyond traditional partnerships.

Amroc's involvement with the club is especially noteworthy as they manage and maintain the Building Management System (BMS), undersoil heating, hot water and central heating at the Stadium, as well as the BMS and Solar PV systems at Fairwood.

"We are thrilled to become the club's official heating services partner," Jason Quinn, founder of Amroc group, said.

"This is our third year as club sponsors, but as we also look after a number of heating systems at the stadium and the training ground at Fairwood, our new status is very much a reflection of the strong, ongoing relationship we have with the club as a whole."

Lee Merrells, head of partnerships at Swansea City, said: "We are delighted to have Amroc onboard for the next three years and are proud to have them as our official heating services partner.

"We strive to engage with local businesses as much as possible and, with Amroc, we're not just celebrating a sponsorship; we're celebrating a genuine partnership that enhances the experiences of our players and fans.”