Teacher Support

PLPS teacher support case study

As part of our Premier League Primary Stars package, we offer continual support and guidance to teachers with the aim of increasing their confidence and competence when delivering their own PE lessons. 

Our highly experienced delivery staff are appropriately trained to work alongside primary school teachers to provide mentoring opportunities and advice throughout our sessions. 

Teachers participating in the programme will receive a handbook of session plans that contain detailed activities, illustrations and progressions of each session that we deliver. 

Of teachers participating in Premier League Primary Stars, 100 per cent said they had improved their session content knowledge. Meanwhile, 75 per cent identified their understanding of specific topics, objectives and level of activity time had increased. 

In addition to this, teachers can attend our ‘FA Primary Teachers Award’. The course presents ideas for lessons using a variety of games based around movement skills for 5–11 year olds and the basic principles of invasion games. The tutors show how differentiation and assessment for learning can be embedded in PE lessons, and also give guidance to those teachers who might run a school team. 

The course is applicable for those who wish to build on their existing knowledge and those with little confidence of PE or football. Throughout the course, the tutors will also explain the importance of high-quality PE in schools in order to develop confidence, self-esteem and belief amongst children, and also the benefits of PE in raising academic achievement across other school subjects.