FAQs | Creating and Linking your Swans Club Account

Swans Club Account

What is the Swans Club Account?

The Swans Club Account is the only way to register with Swansea City AFC. It replaces the existing, separate accounts for different club systems such as ticketing, online store etc. It is designed to be a single, standard way for the Club’s supporters to access online services on www.swanseacity.com, www.eticketing.co.uk/swanstickets and www.store.swanseacity.com. Supporters can use it to complete and update their profile in their Swans Club Account with personal details, preferences on receiving marketing information from the Club as well as Loyalty Cash.

I’ve linked the wrong ticketing account to my Swans Club Account, how do I change this?

In order to change this, you will have to contact the Swansea City ticketing office by emailing accountquery@swanseacity.com with your account number. 

It says my account number is wrong?

Please ensure you have used a correct account number from your season ticket or membership card, or from a previous ticketing purchase. If you are a Season Ticket Holder, Jack Army member or a Cash member, your account number will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the card. If you have purchased tickets/merchandise then your account number would be on the confirmation of purchase emails.

You will need to disregard any zeros that may appear before your account.

For example, if your card says 0012345, your account number is 12345.

It says no account found when I enter the account number?

This means the email address used to register your Swans Club Account does not match the email address held at the Ticket Office.

If you are not sure which email address is held at the Ticket Office, please contact them on 01792 616400 or email ticketing@swanseacity.com to ensure the correct email address is held for you, and try to link accounts again 24 hours later.

I haven't received the confirmation email?

If you have created an account with your own email and password, we will send you a confirmation email to the email address you provided. Whilst you wait, you will see the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page. When you receive the confirmation email, there will be a secure link ‘click here’ in the email which you need to click on to confirm your email. This will then open up a new browser tab for you to login with your email and password for the first time. This is just to check the email is indeed yours.

Please note, it may take up to five minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox. If you do not receive your email, please follow the next steps:

  • Check your junk and spam folders.
  • Ensure you did not use any mailbox that could be shared, eg info@, reception@, sales@ as these will not be accepted for your Swans Club Account.
  • Add swansaccount@swanseacity.com to your safe senders list and retry sending the email from the link ‘click here to resend email’ in the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page.

If you have left the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page and you want to go back to resend the confirmation email, log in again with your email and password chosen, and as you have not yet confirmed your email, you will see the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page where you can click the link to resend.

If none of the steps above work, please contact the Customer Services with your email address. In a few cases the email may be being blocked by your email service provider. Club staff will be able to check this so that you may contact your service provider directly.

I can't click the link on the confirmation email?

Some email clients or systems may deliver the email but ‘disable’ the ability to click on any links in the content. If you have received the email but cannot click on the link, try

  • adding swansaccount@swanseacity.com to your ‘safe sender’ list
  • right click on the link, and select from options to ‘open hyperlink’, or ‘copy hyperlink’ and paste in to a browser address bar and go.

Why is only my ticket showing in the app and not my friend/relative?

You can only see tickets that have been assigned to you. Your friend or relative will be able to access their matchday ticket in the 'in-app ticketing' section. More information can be found on this HERE.

If you still need assistance, you can find more ticketing FAQs HERE or email us at accountquery@swanseacity.com.