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Jack Army Membership

If you are looking to find out more about the Jack Army – from joining to all the benefits of being a member – you’ve come to the right place


Jack Army? What’s the Jack Army?

The Jack Army are you, the fans. The Jack Army Membership scheme is an initiative created just for you, giving members ticket priority.
It has operated successfully for a number of seasons now and not only gives season ticket holders the opportunity to purchase additional tickets, it also gives supporters who have not been able to purchase a season ticket the opportunity to purchase tickets to Swansea City fixtures before they go on general sale.
That’s just the start though as there’s a whole array of different benefits on offer for Jack Army Members.


Array of benefits you say? Tell me more.

Well, if you sign up, you’ll get ticketing priority for both home and away games before they go on general sale.
There’s also the bonus of Loyalty Cash. Jack Army Members will receive 5% Loyalty Cash on every single Swans purchase when buying merchandise from the Club. When you’ve accumulated enough Loyalty Cash, you can spend it on absolutely anything in store at any of our Clubshops, or online at If you want to spend it on kit, then go right ahead. If you fancy a DVD, use your Loyalty Cash for a DVD. You get the picture.
Oh, and Jack Army Members can benefit from our #WeAreTwenty campaign once again next season.


That sounds great! But what’s #WeAreTwenty?

#WeAreTwenty is more than just a benefit, it’s a pledge from the Club to our fans. We promise that any away ticket purchased through the Jack Army scheme will cost no more than £20. That means you can visit the likes of Old Trafford, Wembley and the Emirates for just £20. Additionally concession prices will be available for just £15 and you can purchase children tickets for £10**. This also means that the Swans have gone one better than the Premier League’s £30 cap on away ticket prices. Pretty good huh?
**#WeAreTwenty prices only available in Jack Army windows of sale. Standard pricing applies in general sale window.


You bet. So how do I join?

Simple. You’ve to the right place. Just see below.


And how much does it cost?

That depends on a few things. If you’re a 2017/18 Season Ticket Holder or Premier Club Member, Jack Army Membership costs just £7.50. If you’re a Non-Season Ticket Holder, it’ll cost £22.*


Ok, but what if I’m a current member. How do I renew my Jack Army membership?

If you’re a current member and you want to renew, you will need to keep your current card as your new membership for the 2017/18 campaign will be uploaded onto the same card. To renew, just see below and log in.
Current members who renew will also receive the added benefit of bonus points as a thank you from the Club. The following points will be added to your account upon your renewal:

• Accounts with 150-200 points will receive 12 pts

• Accounts with 100-149 points will receive 8 pts

• Accounts with 50-99 points will receive 6 pts

• Accounts with 35-49 points will receive 4 pts

Purchase your Jack Army membership HERE and find out more about Loyalty Cash HERE.

*Please note, a £2.50 booking fee will apply when purchasing membership.
** #WeAreTwenty prices are only applied in the Jack Army windows of sale. Standard pricing applies in the general sale windows.

Terms & conditions
• The Jack Army Card remains the property of Swansea City at all times and its use is subject to rigid compliance with the terms and conditions set out below.
• Loyalty Cash can be earned and redeemed on Swansea City merchandise from the June 1. Any Loyalty Cash left or ‘pending’ after May 31, 2018 will be voided.
• Where current members have 34 points or less, they will be left with zero loyalty points when they renew.
• Swansea City and/or the Stadium Management Company reserve the right to withdraw the Membership Card from any person at any time, should that person contravene any ground regulations.
• The dates of the league matches may have to be altered during the season in consequence of cup ties etc, and Jack Army members are asked to note these alterations as published in the press.
• The Membership Card will not admit children accompanying the holder. The card holder is asked to carry proof of identification with them whilst attending the stadium.
• Rights of admission are reserved.
• If your card is lost, a duplicate may be obtained from the ticket office subject to payment of an administration fee, and subject to the discretion of the club and the Stadium Management.
• For full T&Cs, please visit