The 2022-23 Championship Quiz

7th September 2022
Championship quiz graphic

With the 2022-23 Championship season well under way, a new quiz has launched testing your knowledge of some of Swansea City’s opponents this season.

Can you identify the stadiums, or mascots of fellow Championship clubs? Can you remember what game kicked the season off or work out how many “City’s” there are?

This is the latest quiz the club has released with all the previous offerings available to play in the ‘Jacks’ section of the club app.

Since launching in 2017, the Swansea City app has seen the additions of in-app ticketing, match score predictions and much more, whilst allowing supporters unique access to all things Swansea City at the touch of a button.

Details on how to download the app can be found below.

Click here to play on the website.