Add the name of a loved one to the Swansea City memory wall

21st November 2022
Memory wall

Supporters who wish to add plaques to the Swansea City memory wall are able to do so from today (Monday, November 21).

The memory wall is displayed outside the Stadium and is made up of plaques with the names of members of the Jack Army who have sadly passed away.

Plaques can be added to the wall for £50, which covers the cost of the plaque, engraving and installation.

The memory wall was created due to the demand from supporters following the launch of the Covid-19 remembrance wall in July 2021.

Plaques will be added to the existing wall, which is situated to the left of the Stadium club shop.

Supporters have until Monday January 2, 2023 to purchase a plaque.

Plaques can be purchased by clicking on the link below.

Purchases must be made before January 2, with the plaques expected to be installed in January 2023.