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Club statement | Discriminatory incidents

14th October 2022

Swansea City would like to remind supporters that it has a zero-tolerance approach to any and all forms of discrimination.

There is no place for racism, discrimination or abusive language in football and the club is extremely disappointed to learn of an increase in incidents involving Swansea City supporters at recent matches against West Bromwich Albion and Sunderland.

The club can confirm that it is working with West Midlands Police with regards to an allegation of racial abuse directed at a home player which took place at The Hawthorns on October 1. The club is also working with South Wales Police regarding a similar incident which occurred in our home fixture against Sunderland.

Investigations are ongoing into both incidents, and anyone found guilty of using racist or abusive language will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms.

The club would also like to remind supporters that everyone at Swansea City fully supports and respects the decision of clubs and players who continue to take the knee ahead of games, and the club is disappointed to learn that a small minority of Swansea City supporters booed West Bromwich Albion players who took the knee in our recent fixture at The Hawthorns.

Taking the knee is an important statement of progress made and work yet to be done to remove racism from society and football, and while Swansea City players have chosen to focus instead on community action and educational programmes, everyone is firmly behind those clubs and players who continue to take the knee. We would request that supporters continue to show the same support to opposition teams who take the knee as was shown to our own players throughout the 2021-22 season.

The club would like to thank everyone who reported the aforementioned incidents. It is important that football clubs and supporters alike hold one another to account and challenge unacceptable, discriminatory and anti-social behaviour. The reporting of such incidents is an example of the collective effort the club, players and fans are making in order to ensure we achieve the goal of eradicating all discriminatory behaviour in football and society, and create a welcoming environment for all supporters.

Swansea City would also like to recognise and thank the huge majority of supporters who continue to impeccably represent our football club and community at both home and away matches.