Community Cohesion Cup returns to the Liberty

17th May 2019

The event is run by the Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team (EYST) in conjunction with South Wales Police (SWP). The main aim of the event is to strengthen relationships between SWP and BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) communities.

Mohammed Basit, the Swansea Project Officer for the BME Sport project run by EYST, works closely with SWP.

He said of the project: “It has three main objectives, firstly to increase participation, secondly to build capacity in terms of volunteers and coaches in the sport sector, and thirdly to tackle any inequality and any barrier.”

“We’re very grateful for Swansea City supporting us and holding the event in the Liberty Stadium for the second year running, it’s important that the Club shows the wider community of the work that they do, and hopefully more local minority communities will get involved and support the local club.”

Cohesion Cup

Ian Ranford, a representative from SWP Police said of the event: "The idea behind this initiative has been to break down barriers and create strong relationships between our diverse communities through the medium of sport, in this case football, the end goal being to increase confidence in South Wales Police, further enhancing our community engagement whilst promoting community cohesion.”

It was a second consecutive win for the Kush Stars as they triumphed 3-1 over South Wales Police.