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FPA kicks off first social event

23rd November

First Former Players’ Association social event kicks off at Swansea.com Stadium

Swansea City Former Players’ Association has held its first social event in the form of a coffee morning at the Swansea.com Stadium.

Members of the FPA committee, including players representatives, chair Lee Trundle, deputy chair Leon Britton and life-long president, Alan Curtis, joined some former players for a catch-up over coffee and cake.

Lee Trundle gave a presentation to those in attendance, explaining the purpose of the association and what it could offer to ex-players who want to maintain an involvement with the club.

He said the purpose of the first event was to show what the club was trying to do to reconnect and reunite those who had represented Swansea City over the years.


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“We wanted to get people together to explain what we want to do as an FPA and how we are going to try to help them,” he said.

“It was nice to see players from all different eras here as well. We want to draw and pull all the ex-players back together and show them that they’re appreciated, not only on a match day with tickets and things but we can help them in their normal everyday life as well.

“One of the reasons why we started the FPA was to for the players to have a contact if they needed any help in any way.

“You know, we speak so much about mental health these days as well and I think when you've finished playing football you can feel as though you’re forgotten about a little bit.

“You know, one minute you're in the team, you’re in front of the fans and then the next minute you’re just left to your own devices in your everyday life.

“It can be very hard for some people, so we want to be there for a shoulder for people to lean on.

“If we can help them in any way we will do that because they've been massive for this football club and we want to give back as much as we can.”

Lee Trundle FPA presentation
Lee Trundle explaining what the FPA can do

Ex Swans who want to be involved with Swansea City Former Players’ Association are asked to fill in the registration form HERE.

The club is also keen to hear from relatives and friends of former players who are not online but who might still like to join the FPA.

Anyone in this category is asked to call the FPA secretary, Catherine Thomas, on 01792 616420 or email catherinethomas@swanseacity.com

Alternatively, the three former players on the committee, chair Lee Trundle, deputy chair Leon Britton and lifelong president Alan Curtis, are also happy to talk to players or their families directly.

The FPA is free to join and is open to men and women who have played for the club.

Its primary aims are to promote friendship, support and charitable work, including fundraising, by bringing together players from different generations and different eras.

It will also offer an opportunity to add to the archives of Swansea City Football Club by giving former players a chance to share their stories of life as a Swan.

Leon Britton and Alan Curtis
Leon Britton and Alan Curtis