Keep fit with Swansea City | Three-week plan

4th May 2020
Keep fit with Swansea City

The Coronavirus pandemic and the current lockdown means it is not straightforward to keep yourself fit and active.

With gyms closed and social distancing measures in place, local fitness instructor Tara Hammett hopes to help Swansea City fans get their daily dose of exercise with her video classes.

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Tara has brought you 10 great fitness videos during the lockdown. Now she’s packaged those up into a fantastic three-week fitness plan to keep the Jack Army fit and well.

You can find more expert health and fitness tips on Tara’s website

You can download her three-week fitness plan HERE.

You can click through each video HERE on YouTube or follow the individual links on the website here.

Workout 1:

Workout 2:

Workout 3:

Workout 4:

Workout 5:

Workout 6:

Workout 7:

Workout 8:

Workout 9:

Workout 10: