Kelsey Thomas proud to represent Welsh Colleges

21st March
Kelsey Thomas Welsh Colleges Women

Swansea City Women’s midfielder Kelsey Thomas was proud to represent her country after featuring for Welsh Colleges in the recent Rome International series.

Thomas travelled with the side for the second time in her career, having represented them previously in 2023. 

The 19-year-old played in the opening fixture this year, as they suffered a 3-0 defeat to Lazio.

Thomas was delighted to have the opportunity to represent Welsh  Colleges again, and believes the experience was beneficial for her.

“I think the experience for me was really good, I went out there last year and I’ve been asked to come back which is a really good sign, and a really good opportunity for me," she said.

“I think it went well, we had not had too much opportunity to train with each other, and we were not too familiar with each other.

“We were competitive in our games, we created opportunities to score in the games so overall I’m happy with how it went.

“Lazio were a really good side, their side were much older than ours, with our team being between 16 and 18, so it was a challenge. I think we handled ourselves well and gave them a good game.

“I’m really proud to be representing Wales, you don’t always get opportunities like these to represent your country, so for me to have done it a second time is great and I’ve really enjoyed it.”