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Nathan Dyer dedicates goal to "miracle baby" daughter

4th November 2019
First team

Nathan Dyer dedicated his goal at Wigan Athletic to "miracle baby" daughter Ataliyah, after a difficult few weeks for the Swansea City winger and his young family.

Baby Ataliyah was born via emergency C-section a few weeks ago, following concerns over her position in the womb and her heart rate.

She was in intensive care for a few weeks after her birth, but has thankfully made a recovery.

And Dyer was delighted to be able to mark the good news of his “little miracle” by sweeping the Swans into the lead on their way to victory at the DW Stadium, celebrating by sticking his thumb in his mouth in a nod to the new arrival in the household.

The experienced winger spoke warmly of the strength shown by his family, and the support he received from everyone at Swansea City in being given the time to fully focus on matters at home rather than on the field.

“That goal is dedicated to our miracle baby – my little princess Ataliyah”, said the 31-year-old.

“She was born five weeks early. My wife was transferred to Prince Charles Hospital from Singleton because her waters had gone very early. She was in hospital for about four weeks before we had the baby.

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“She had to have an emergency C-section because the baby was upside down and her heart rate was going so we needed to get her out there and then because there was a big danger that we would have lost her.

“Our little miracle was born and she had to go straight into the incubator for two weeks before being transferred to Singleton.

“It was a blessing and a miracle for us. My wife was so strong and as a family we were too.

“I must give credit to the gaffer too. He is a family man and he gave me the time I needed through all of this. He told me to take my time, concentrate on my family and take care of them.

“it’s been the same with the chairman and everyone at the club. They know what’s been going on, but they were right behind me.

“I really appreciate that because we are footballers but, at the end of the day, we’re humans as well.

“We do have lives and sometimes you get thrown curveballs. But onwards and upwards, I can look forward to a bright future now.

“Everything is fine now, so it was a perfect way for me to celebrate the goal.”