Oli McBurnie secret behind the socks

28th March 2017

Oli McBurnie has been socking it to opposition teams with 20 goals for Swansea City's Under-23s so far this season, including a debut brace for the first-team in the EFL Cup. 
Tonight the 20-year-old looks set to win his eighth cap for Scotland Under-21s, as they face Estonia in a friendly at St. Mirren Park. 
Other than goals, eagle-eyed fans have noticed a reoccurring theme with McBurnie's sock style on the pitch.
So what is the story behind his unique style of wearing them down to his ankles?
"Everyone always asks me," the Scottish striker says with a laugh and smile.

"To be fair, it is good to get the record straight. It goes back to when I was on loan at Chester when I was 17. 
"Like most players, I used to wear socks above my knees, but that all changed when I arrived at Chester. They were in the Conference at the time and did not have a lot of spare kit. 
"When I was given the socks they had no elastic left in them, so would not stay up. I played two or three games with them falling down throughout the game.
"By the fourth game I couldn't be bothered anymore and just kept them down. I ended up playing the best game I ever played and scored my first goal for Chester.
"Since then I haven't changed the style. People think I do it to stand out, but it is more of a superstition thing. I keep things the way they are if I play well. It is the same with my boots, if I score I don't change them."