Paul Clement: Alan Curtis has a job for life

5th January 2017

Paul Clement has insisted Alan Curtis has a job for life at Swansea City if he wants it.
The Swans' new head coach has confirmed that club legend Curtis will not be part of his coaching staff.
But Clement hopes Curtis will stay on board at the Liberty Stadium once he has discussed his situation with chairman Huw Jenkins.
"I am well aware that Alan was a legend here as a player and that he has also worked on the backroom staff, as a first-team coach and caretaker manager," Clement said.
"The situation with Alan now is that we want him to stay at the club. As far as the chairman is concerned, Alan has a job here for as long as he wants - for life if necessary.

"I know Alan is respected by the players and the fans, but his role is down to him discuss with the chairman.
"He will be stepping aside from first-team coaching duties on the field, but I hope he stays in another role.
"I know some of the fans will be disappointed that he isn't close to the first team, but I hope he will still be at the club."
Clement explained that the exact make-up of his backroom team is yet to be finalised.
Nigel Gibbs has left Tottenham's academy to work as Clement's assistant, while Karl Halabi has also arrived from White Hart Lane to become head of physical performance at the Liberty.
"The club respect Alan and from my point of view, I really hope he finds a role that he is happy with," Clement added.

"Credit goes to him for the result against Crystal Palace the other night.
"He was responsible for picking the team and deciding the tactics along with Paul Williams.
"From what I know of Alan and what I have been told about him, I am sure I will be able to lean on him if I need to."
Clement, who describes Gibbs and Halabi as "two very capable people", also revealed that Williams is due to talk about his situation with Jenkins.
"He is in a similar situation to Alan," Clement said. "Huw is going to be in discussions with him about a possible other position here if he wants that."