Paul France | We are incredibly proud of the difference the Foundation is making

21st March 2023
Paul France

Paul France, head of Swansea City AFC Foundation, is delighted with the findings of two recent reports into the work of the club's charitable arm, and hopes they provide a framework for further future improvements.

An independent EFL Trust- commissioned report found that the social value of the programmes and initiatives delivered by the Foundation was worth £16.4million to the city and local communities during the 2020-21 project year

When taking into account the Foundation's annual turnover, every £1 spent created a social return and benefit equivalent to £18.92.

The number of people reached by the Foundation's initiatives and programmes was also up across the board in the organisation's own Impact Report, whic covered the 2021-2022 project year.

There were over 85,000 attendances across some 4,140 sessions delivered by the Foundation.

France was delighted with the findings but was determined for the Foundation to continue growing and developing.

“We are delighted to launch Swansea City Foundation’s first Impact Report, which gives us the opportunity to celebrate the range and scope of our programmes, and most importantly the impact they make,” said France, who joined the Foundation in September 2022.

“As a charity with a mission to use Swansea City as a force for positive change, it is vital that we demonstrate the impact of our programmes, to our funding partners, our stakeholders and the wider community.

“Our programmes are all about creating positive change in people's lives. Some of the case studies within the report demonstrate how we are creating better outcomes for people, particularly young people within Swansea and across south west Wales.

“We are incredibly proud of the difference we are making, but we know we need to do more. Following the Covid pandemic and in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, the need for our work has never been greater.

“Our Impact Report is launched at a time when the EFL Trust - working with independent industry experts Substance - has also announced a social value for the work that Club Community Organisations (CCOs) deliver. We are delighted that the social value of Swansea City AFC Foundation has been calculated at £16.4m, which means for every £1 invested into the charity, we deliver a social value of £18.92.

“Going forward, the Impact Report and social value reports will become valuable supporting documents in future funding applications and collaborations, so hopefully they will open up opportunities for Swansea City AFC Foundation to deliver more."

Whilst France is delighted with all of the work done by the Foundation, he continues to strive for further growth and development.

"We need to do more, particularly around health and wellbeing, mental health, youth employability and tackling anti-social behaviour," explained France.

"That's where the power of the brand of the football club can be most influential.

"We need to continue to grow and to do mor,e and we will do more, particularly aligned with the local strategic needs and all our local stakeholders.

"This is just the start for point us, we will do more."