Potter targets transfers

11th June 2018

Manager Graham Potter is confident he can recruit the right players for a Championship challenge next season.

Potter admitted that he had already started looking at potential new signings before the ink had even dried on his three-year contract with the Swans.

“While the managerial process has been going on, we’ve been looking and working hard at recruitment behind the scenes,’’ explained Potter.

“There will be a bit of a reshuffle along the way; there always is when a new manager comes in.

“Firstly we need to look at what type of people and footballers we want to bring into the club. Then once we’ve identified them and aligned them with the values of the club, it’s how we can also improve them as players.

“Recruitment isn’t always the solution or problem, but the signs have been positive and I’m confident we can make good additions to support the good players we already have here.’’