Premier League Primary Stars teacher support helps Nicola deliver high quality PE lessons

23rd March
PLPS teacher support case study

Swansea City AFC Foundation’s Premier League Primary Stars teacher support programme has supported 95 primary school teachers across south Wales to deliver high quality PE lessons to their students.

The teacher support programme aims to give teachers new ideas and skills so that they can confidently provide interesting and engaging sessions for students.

Nicola Richards, deputy head teacher at Tonnau Primary School, has nearly 30 years teaching experience but says she has felt a lot more confident planning and delivering PE lessons for her year six class since she began receiving support from the Foundation's Primary Stars teacher support programme.

"I’ve been a teacher since 1994, we’ve had different people to come in and do lessons with us, but we don’t always have the right equipment, knowledge or terminology," explained Nicola.

"Since we’ve been doing this programme, I feel a lot more confident in teaching sports skills and techniques. I feel like this programme has given me the expertise I need and it’s not just football skills, there are netball skills and lots of other spots."

Nicola's journey has been overseen by Primary Stars area co-ordinator Jack Giles and the school teacher believes that his help and support has been invaluable.

"Jack's coached me along the way so that I’m able to deliver sessions, and then I get pointers so that I can improve my PE lessons," she added.

"He’s given me lots of activities, games and strategies, and because I’ve got the booklet with lessons in as well, it means I can revisit that.

"Now I feel more confident to share that with the staff and children in the school, so I think that will have a really positive impact on how I teach my lessons in the future."