Rangel proves a class act

20th September 2017

Pupils at Burlais Primary interviewed Swans duo Angel Rangel and Lee Trundle for the school’s confidence-boosting project.

As part of the school’s Outdoor Learning Champions initiative – aiming at improving students’ confidence – the school invited the pair for a question and answer session before heading out of the classroom for games on the playground.

“The Outdoor Learning Champions scheme is designed to develop their skills and confidence outside of the school,” explained Lucy Woods, a teaching assistant at Burlais Primary. “A lot of them don’t appreciate learning in the classroom and find it difficult sitting behind a desk, so we do a lot with them outside such as team-building exercises and gardening projects, and this is really going to help enhance our new group.”

Fellow teaching assistant Tom Jenkins added: “The aim of this session was to help to grow the children's confidence and to show them what they can achieve with the right support.

“We wanted to give them the opportunity to get time with their heroes and ask them questions. They’ve all come of their shell and it’s been absolutely wonderful to have Angel and Lee come in.

“This is going to have a knock on effect when they go and tell all the other pupils in their class.”

Asking questions on an array of subjects from healthy eating, training and their football careers, as well as about their hobbies and interests, Rangel was impressed with the improvement he noticed within the class in just a short space of time.

“It’s been great, we’ve come in to answer their questions and help to inspire and motivate them, not just in sport but in their everyday lives,” said Rangel.

“The pupils have done very well. At the start they were a bit shy and you could tell that they found it difficult talking in front of a group, but as the session went on they all got very confident and we had some great questions.”