Russell Martin | We will keep working hard to learn and improve

25th February
First team
Russell Martin training

Head coach Russell Martin is confident Swansea City can come through a difficult moment to build towards a positive future for the club.

The Swans boss is preparing his side for Monday’s game against Rotherham United under the lights – and in front of the Sky Sports cameras – at the Stadium.

Swansea are looking to break a tough run that has seem them lose four of their last five games.

Martin and his players have acknowledged they are paying for costly mistakes, but they showed the character earlier in the season to overcome a frustrating start and put together a fine run of form.

And the former Norwich and Scotland defender believes continued hard work and improvement on the training ground will provide the opportunity to do so again, and keep putting building blocks in place for the mid and long term.

“We are 12th in the table, we play some brilliant football at times, at others we make too many mistakes and give away too many goals,” said Martin.

“It’s a young squad, and I am also a young head coach. So I make mistakes and get things wrong, and try to learn from it.

“I think we have shown we can do that this season, particularly the good run we had before the World Cup where we showed real flexibility.

Ollie Cooper training

“We have certainly learned a lot recently, and in my three years as a manager. There’s probably been more to deal with in the last four months than in the rest of those three years with everything, there has been a lot to deal with.

“But I am really comfortable with the project we are trying to build.

“The club decided to go on journey with us, we hope it is a long one and we want it to be successful.

“The job is hard enough as it is, so it’s important to be consistent. The staff I have are great and really challenge me every day. We argue as a staff most days about what’s best for the team and make a decision and back it.

“I really enjoy the job and the people we are doing it with, I am not enjoying the results at the moment, but I am enjoying it and I will carry on working as hard as we can.

“I think that will be enough, if it’s not, then that’s life.”