In The Squad partner with Woody's Lodge for online veterans session

23rd November
Woody's Lodge Loo

Swansea City AFC Foundation and Ospreys in the Community’s In The Squad are running virtual social sessions for veterans on Wednesday, December 1, and are delighted to be joined by Mark Hodgkinson from Woody’s Lodge South Wales hub.

Our In The Squad virtual social sessions offer veterans a safe space to share experiences and stories and is hosted, on our behalf, by a veteran.

Mark Hodgkinson, community engagement manager and project officer for Woody’s Lodge South Wales Hub, had a 25-year career with the Parachute Regiment and he hopes that through his role, he can build relationships, work with veterans, their families, and other organisations, to provide support where needed and make a difference.

Woody’s Lodge Charity has a vision to provide an inviting meeting space and social hub for veterans of the Armed Forces, emergency services and reservists to re-engage with life, their families, and their communities.

To sign up for our online virtual social sessions please click HERE

In The Squad also offers veterans walking football and walking rugby sessions, with the Swansea City AFC Foundation and Ospreys in the Community hosting. To find out more about these sessions, click HERE.