Yan Dhanda

Steve Cooper and Matt Grimes offer unwavering support to Yan Dhanda

12th February 2021
First team

Steve Cooper and Matt Grimes have expressed their unwavering and unstinting support for Yan Dhanda, reiterating that everyone at Swansea City stands with the midfielder after he was subjected to appalling racist abuse on social media.

South Wales Police are investigating the incident with the full support and cooperation of Swansea City.

Yan is a popular and respected member of the first-team squad, and head coach Cooper and captain Grimes have made clear the unanimous backing he has within the squad and the club, and spoken of their anger that he has suffered at the hands of such disgraceful and mindless behaviour.

“I’ve spent the last couple of days talking with Yan, making sure he is okay and making sure he knows he has the full support of everybody at the football club,” said Cooper.

“The level of abuse he received was disgusting and I cannot put into words how angry I am that one of my players has suffered at the hands of somebody who thinks that racism is acceptable.

“What people don’t see is the aftermath of how people are affected. Yan was visibly upset and angry but it goes beyond that. His family are affected, those closest to him are hurt and the ripples go far wider than just a media headline.

“Yan and I have spoken several times about his heritage – and the pride he feels in representing his community is evident in everything he says and does. To that extent, he is a superb role model and someone who takes that responsibility seriously.

“Everybody at the club stands shoulder to shoulder with Yan against racism or any form of discrimination. It has been really tough for him but his strength of character will stand him in good stead.

“He won’t be beaten by mindless individuals and neither will Swansea City Football Club.”

Grimes has played alongside Dhanda since the 22-year-old joined the Swans in the summer of 2018, and is unequivocal in stating the widely reported abuse suffered by a number of players recently has no place in football, or society at large.

“Myself and the rest of the squad stand strong and are unwavering in our support of Yan,” he said.

“The level of abuse that he and other players have to endure on social media is wholly unacceptable and more has to be done by social media companies to stamp this out, because it is becoming a stain on the game we all love.

“More needs to be done to eradicate all forms of hate and abuse on social media. No one should be submitted to abuse for their ethnicity, sexuality or gender. There is no place for it in society, let alone football.

“Yan is a popular and valued member of our squad and we as team-mates, and Swansea City as a club, will continue to offer our full support to him.”