Swans Foundation invite Premier League Kicks disability participant to sensory room for Level Playing Field's Unite for Access

2nd March
Mason and Maisie Sensory Room

Swansea City AFC Foundation’s pan-disability Premier League Kicks participant Mason and his sister Maisie were invited to use the Swansea.com Stadium’s sensory room for Monday's game against Rotherham as part of Level Playing Field’s Unite For Access campaign.

Unite for Access celebrates access and inclusion at sports venues, and encourages clubs to promote the facilities they have which help disabled sports fans attend games.

Siblings Mason and Maisie have historically found loud and busy venues challenging due to the potential for sensory overload, but with access to the sensory room they have been able to attend live football.

The sensory room is a private space for family and friends on matchdays, which helps break down barriers for those who may otherwise find the experience challenging.

For Mason, it was his second trip to watch the Swans, but for Maisie visiting SA1 was a brand new experience. 

Being able to access the sensory room meant Maisie was able to enjoy a live match for the very first time. Maisie and Mason were also able to access the room long before kick-off, avoiding the crowds.

Wayne, Mason and Maisie’s father, said: “Maisie has never been to a football match before, she’s always watched football and liked playing football with her friends, so it’s really made it a lot easier for her.

Mason and Maisie Sensory Room 2

“Being in a crowded area with this many people in the stands would be difficult, but to be able to have this experience in a comfortable environment, it’s really special.

“It’s unbelievable that children like Mason and Maisie can have this kind of opportunity. We are new to all of this and we are learning from all the groups that we attend about the opportunities that are available to us. It’s great.”

Mason attends the Foundation’s weekly pan-disability Premier League Kicks sessions at Penlan Leisure Centre, offering weekly drills and games for children with disabilities.

To find out more and sign up for pan-disability Premier League Kicks sessions, click HERE.

For more details about the Sensory Room Contact our Disability Access Officer on accessibility@swanseacity.com or call 01792 616629.