Swans issue ticket reminder

2nd May 2018
Ticketing News

Swans fans are reminded that they should only purchase online tickets for the club’s fixtures via the official website.

The club has been monitoring several ticketing websites that have been selling tickets for its fixtures without permission and at inflated prices.

We are currently taking legal action against a number of those sites to safeguard our supporters.

Fans are warned that they risk disappointment if they purchase tickets via an unauthorised source, whether that is an unofficial website, an online marketplace or a ticket tout outside the ground.

You risk not gaining entry to the match and losing the money you paid, with many of the tickets proving to be fakes or not turning up at all when ordered online.

The club is not responsible for purchases made via unauthorised or secondary websites and as a club we are fully against ticket touting.

We are grateful to those supporters who have contacted us to highlight online sites that are selling tickets at inflated prices. We would urge fans to continue to report any unauthorised selling to the club via support@swanseacity.com