Swansea City AFC Foundation award position on board of trustees to Supporters Trust

7th April 2022
Foundation and Supporters Trust

Swansea City AFC Foundation is pleased to announce that a permanent position on the Foundation's Board of Trustees has been awarded to the Swansea City Supporters’ Trust.

This allows both organisations to work more closely on various initiatives and projects that are in line with some of their core principles.

There are aspects that the Trust and Foundation believe they can impact through a joint approach, particularly inclusion, education and youth engagement, and this new and permanent position on the Foundation board will allow the collaboration to become more structured.

The very first Supporters’ Trust representative on the Foundation Board will be associate director Sian Davies.

Helen Elton, head of community said: “I have had a number of productive meetings with the Trust, and I am delighted to have a representative join our Board. Strategically, I believe it strengthens relationships across the club and gives us a more unified approach to community matters. And on a personal note, I think Sian will be a real asset to our board.”

Sian Davies, associate director added: "I am delighted to be given the opportunity to be the first official representative of the Swans Trust on the Board of the Foundation. I am excited about the future as I believe both organisations have a number of similar aims and objectives and bringing the working relationship of the Foundation and the Trust closer together can only benefit both organisations and the communities we serve."

Both the Supporters’ Trust and the Foundation will provide more updates to members and supporters of the supporter-focused initiatives that both organisations will be working on going forward.