Swansea City to support Level Playing Field Unite for Access

21st December 2022
Unite for Access graphic

Swansea City is proud to support the upcoming Level Playing Field campaign 'Unite for Access'.

The ability to drive change doesn't and shouldn't fall to one individual but the whole community. We all have our part to play, whether through the services we provide, the support we offer, or the way we behave. All of this is integral to ensuring the beautiful game is open to everyone, including disabled sports fans. 

As a club, we are passionate in driving greater access and inclusion, but we recognise there is more we can do to ensure going to a live match as a disabled sports fan is easy, accessible, fun and empowering.

Between February 25 and Match 12 2023, Swansea City will be joining with other clubs and Level Playing Field to Unite for Access. 

To find out more about the campaign and how everyone - disabled and non-disabled - can get involved, click the button below.