Swansea City training session a big success with soccer camp

10th July 2014

The Swans opened up their training on Wednesday to a local soccer camp, with children mixing with the players after a demanding session at the University of Illinois.
It proved a big hit for the young footballers, as well as Garry Monk's squad, with players being asked to sign shirts, footballs, boots and even an arm!
The Jack Army will have added a few hundred more younger members after this event, though left-back Neil Taylor pointed out the players had just as much fun.

Taylor, who played mini football games with youngsters after the main session had finished, said: "It was great to meet the kids here and play with them too.
"We have a grounded squad here and we all remember being young and getting to meet people who we looked up to.
"So it was our pleasure to come here and show them what Swansea City is all about, and that's one big family.
"I think the players enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it, and the coaches from the local soccer camp took a lot out of it too.
"Hopefully this link between the area and Swansea can continue."
University of Illinois assistant Aleksey Korol hailed the Swans' involvement.
"We are really thankful to the whole squad for taking their time to meet the children here," he said. "For them to watch Premier League footballers train here is going to be so beneficial to them.
"They will have taken a lot from watching their movement, their passing, their control and communication. Swansea are renowned for their passing style, and it was unbelievable for everyone here to have seen them train.
"And then the kids got to meet them and take their pictures with the players and get their autographs - they are memories that will stay with them forever.
"I am sure every single child here will be a Swansea City supporter from now on."