Swansea.com Stadium becomes period positive venue

6th February
TOTP - Swans artwork

The Swansea.com Stadium has become a period positive venue with free period products available in toilets throughout the ground.

The Swans have worked with TOTM – a planet-friendly period product company based in south Wales – to provide access to products at Swans matches, while staff at the stadium will also have access during the working week.

Swansea City believes period products should be treated as essential – just like toilet paper – and the club is proud to be implementing a new means for supporters attending matches, and for staff employed at the club, to have access to provisions.

Seventy per cent of those who have periods have experienced instances of being caught short, while period poverty is on the rise with 32 per cent of people worrying about the cost of products.

As well as the practical and financial challenges periods can provide, there is also a taboo, which leaves half of people who menstruate to feel uncomfortable discussing them.

Swansea City hopes that by becoming a period positive venue and football club, it can help break down these stigmas and champion initiatives – like those promoted by TOTM – which focus on menstrual comfort and period dignity.

The club recently held a period dignity business event at the stadium, which was hosted by Gabriella Jukes, and attended by businesses across the city. Guest speakers included the club's safeguarding officer Rebeca Storer, and representatives from local charities.

The club also works with local charity STOPP, who provide free period products in all public toilets across the city - as well as providing products for those most in need - by donating products to their cause as well as raising awareness of the challenges some people face due to their periods.

“Providing free period products is the next important step as we take action to back up the important strides made in this area over the past few months,” explained Storer.

“We believe that access to period products should be free in public toilets, and we’re pleased to have been able to take this step as a club by providing our supporters with environmentally-friendly products from a local company.

“It’s important for wellbeing that people can manage their periods with dignity and in comfort and we will be continuing to work in this area, reducing taboos and shining a spotlight on the excellent work of local businesses and charities.”