Targeted Interventions cover

Targeted Interventions

Our Targeted programme is structured around early intervention and prevention. We work in partnership with local referral agencies (YOS, PRU’s, Early Help Hubs, Social Services) to identify individuals aged 8-18 years old who are engaging, or are at risk of engaging, in anti-social behaviour and/or criminal activity.

The overall aim is to divert young people away from the criminal justice system by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. To achieve this, we use a combination of one-to-one mentoring, small group workshops and personal development activities that are tailored to the individuals’ needs and interests.

Our experienced mentors nurture optimism and encourage pro-social behaviours, all within a safe, supportive environment. We create personal development plans that focus on building confidence and self-esteem, emotional and physical wellbeing, healthier lifestyle choices, goal setting and more.

Highlights of the programme:

  • Mentoring – Our weekly one-to-one sessions assist young people with emotion regulation, conflict resolution and behaviour management, by teaching effective coping mechanisms to deal with day-to-day life.


  • Workshops – Facilitators with lived experience address topics such as substance misuse, gangs, county lines, knife crime and more.


  • Qualifications & Volunteering –We provide volunteering opportunities through our social action projects and offer qualifications (e.g. FAW Leaders Award, Bike Maintenance and First Aid Awareness) to expand the skillset and enhance future prospect for young people.


  • Beneficial opportunities and experiences that develop positive aspirations and empower young people to strive for a successful future. Previous rewards for engagement have included stadium tours, merchandise, matchday tickets and away trips (e.g. Commonwealth Games).

Previously supported by the Premier League Charitable Fund and Children in Need, our targeted interventions project is currently being funded by Street Games and the Youth Justice Sport Fund.

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