Swansea City's Supporter Code of Conduct 2020/21 Season

Swansea City is committed to ensuring the health and safety of supporters and persons working our events by providing a safe and secure environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Notwithstanding the above, it should be noted that is impossible for Swansea City to completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19. Therefore, supporters are responsible for deciding whether or not they should attend any matches.

In order to provide a safe & secure environment, all supporters must behave in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

By applying for a match ticket, you are agreeing to comply with this COVID-19 supporter code of conduct.

If you attend a match and do not comply, you would be jeopardising the health of fellow supporters, Swansea City and stadium staff, as well as the reputation of Swansea City.


  1. You must follow all Swansea City and stadium staff instructions at all times.

  2. You are responsible for deciding whether or not you should attend any match and prior to attending, supporters should carry out a personal risk assessment based on age, health, susceptibility to infection and clinical vulnerability, while also taking into consideration those in your household or support bubble.

  3. If you engage in any conduct that is intended to transmit the COVID-19 virus to another person or any conduct that can be reasonably construed to be intending to transmit the COVID-19 virus to another person, you will be ejected from the stadium, your details will be shared with the police and Swansea City reserves the right to take further action.

  4. You are required to make a health declaration. Supporters issued tickets will be required to complete a health questionnaire as part of the ticketing process.

    Symptoms can be found at HERE If you develop COVID-19 symptoms between completion of that declaration and your intended arrival, you should not attend the match and should seek guidance by calling 111.

    Do not attend the stadium if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

  5. In the event that you develop COVID-19 symptoms whilst at the stadium, please notify the nearest member of stadium staff immediately – you will be taken to a designated isolation area in the stadium.

  1. Swansea City are co-operating with the NHS Test & Trace system who will require details of all supporters attending the match. Each ticket must be assigned to an individual supporter. You must be the named supporter on your ticket for the match and be able to confirm this with acceptable ID on request. Tickets are non- transferrable, if you are unable to provide an acceptable ID if requested you will not be permitted entry to the stadium.

  2. You must do all you can to observe social distancing at all times, including on the way to and from the match. You should avoid using public transport to get to the stadium if possible. If you must use public transport, please make sure you are wearing a face covering and complying with all Government advice (https://gov.wales/travel-and- transport-advice).

  3. Supporters will be seated together if they share the same household and have followed all steps put in place for accessing a ticket through Swansea City’s instructions. Swansea City reserves the right to update this policy in line with Welsh Government regulations (updated periodically https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations- guidance#section-39237).

    All tickets will need to be assigned to individual supporters who form a household (maximum of 4 persons).

  4. Tickets will be issued as print at home tickets which must be used to gain entry to the stadium. Supporters are responsible for printing these tickets and must ensure that the quality is satisfactory for all details and barcode to be readable/scannable.

  5. Persons aged 11 and over must always wear a face covering within the stadium confines including the car parks surrounding the stadium and when queuing. We also recommend you continue to wear the face covering when sitting in your seat in the stadium bowl (not necessary while eating or drinking). If you are exempt from wearing a face covering under Government guidelines (which can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and- how-to-make-your-own) you do not need to wear a face covering.

  6. You must only enter the stadium via the gate/access number on your ticket or as otherwise directed by stadium staff.

  7. You must comply with notified arrival times and directions when issued.

  8. In order to enter the stadium, you may have your temperature taken. If your temperature is 37.8 degrees or above, you may be refused entry to the stadium. The final decision will be made by the Safety Officer. There will be no right of appeal.

  9. Hand sanitiser dispensers will be located throughout the stadium and we ask supporters to use these as directed.

  1. Where they are in place, you must follow one-way systems within the stadium as directed - do not go the wrong way around the one-way system and do not stop unless necessary.

  2. When you enter the Stadium proceed to your designated seat (as identified on your ticket) as soon as possible – do not congregate on the concourse. If you must leave your seat throughout your time at the stadium, please return as quickly as possible to reduce the number of people on the concourse.

  3. You must only sit in the seat allocated on your ticket – do not move to any other seat even if the person in your closest proximity to you is a member of your household. You should take note of the spaces between you and the next supporters when arriving at your seat.

  4. You must maintain a 1.5m social distance when using the toilets (whenever possible) by using the highlighted WC’s and cubicles only. You must follow instruction given to you by stadium stewards in respect of toilet facilities.

  5. You must follow and comply with all queuing signage/markers. Please keep a 1.5 metres distance from others at all times.

  6. Close physical contact including handshakes, hugs and celebrations with anyone not in your extended household must be avoided.

  7. You must take care when shouting, singing and celebrating.

  8. You must cover your coughs and sneezes, ideally with a tissue but otherwise into your elbow, and maintain hand hygiene by regularly washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds OR by using hand sanitiser.

  9. If possible, please do not bring any bags to the stadium.

  10. At the end of the match please stay in your seat until advised to leave by a steward or a member of stadium or association staff.

  11. You must refrain from throwing the match ball back into play. A member of stadium staff will collect the ball from the stands in order to sanitise it and return it to the field of play.

  12. You must not approach any of the players or members of coaching staff at any time. Players and staff are not permitted to sign autographs or pose for photographs at this time.

  13. Please report any breach of this COVID-19 supporter code of conduct to the nearest steward or stadium personnel. Please try to detail the stand, row and seat number. We will treat all reported received in the strictest confidence.

  1. Any breach of this COVID-19 supporter code of conduct shall be addressed by Swansea City.

  2. You must adhere y Swansea City’s Ground Regulations. 

  3. If passing in a seating row please face away from fellow supporters

  4. Stairwells in the seating areas will only be up or down at any one time. Fans are asked to take instruction from stewards.

  5. Swansea City reserves the right to amend this supporter code of conduct from time to time to: (i) reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements; or (ii) in order to comply with the latest Government/medical guidance. Swansea City shall publicise any such changes on its website.

    Thank you for your support and co-operation. Stay safe.