Academy coach awarded for excellence

31st July

Swansea City Academy coach Nick Davies has been recognised with an award from the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.
He received the Richard Holmes Award for the Emerging S&C Coach of the Year last week.  
Davies works with all the young players coming through the Academy setup, helping the next generation of footballers develop by improving their performance, injury prevention, nutrition and training.
He said: "It is really flattering to receive recognition for the work you do in your profession, at any point in your career.
"This feels doubly special as it has come in conjunction with being appointed Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach for Swansea City Academy.
"I feel more fortunate to be working day in, day out with elite youth athletes in a truly dynamic department.
"I want to thank my family who have supported me, my mentor Dr Ian Jeffreys, and lastly to Sam Huggins (Head of Strength & Conditioning at Swansea City Academy), who has always pushed me to improve my craft, given me numerous opportunities to work in elite environments, and the chance to learn and develop under him in my new role."