From the boardroom

15th September 2018

Chief operating officer Chris Pearlman brings fans up to date on events and progress off the pitch at Swansea City in today's edition of Jack Magazine.

Hello and welcome back to the Liberty Stadium.

There seem to be a handful of recurring questions which representatives from the club get from a number of supporters over the course of the year. There is also quite a broad patchwork of topics that the more frequent queries touch upon.

Some examples include:

  • “What is wrong with the PA system at the Liberty and why doesn’t the club fix it?”
  • “Why can’t I park in the car park by the tennis centre on matchdays any longer?”
  • “What is the club doing about possible stadium expansion?”
  • “Has the club considered offering tours of the first-team training facility up at Fairwood?”

Often, a number of the more commonly asked questions have been answered or addressed before by the club in some type of article or announcement. The challenge for many fans is that if they haven’t seen or read the piece, the answer is not readily available.

Other times, fans have asked frequent questions where the club has not properly or effectively addressed or communicated in any type of community forum.

To respond to many of these questions, and in an effort to provide more and better open communication with supporters, we are going to be developing a centralised area on our website where the club can post answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. This new ‘Frequently Asked Supporters' Questions’ (FASQ) page on our website will help address a number of these questions in a consolidated place.

If there are nagging ‘non-footballing’ questions you might have which have gone unanswered, please email them to Beyond responding to you directly, if we believe other fans can benefit from the answer we may post it within this FASQ section of the website which we will continually update.

This is a bit different from the fan focus groups we are launching across different areas of the club where we are looking to get input from supporters on topics like matchday experience, digital and community/charity.

This is more of a direct communication tool so fans can better understand what is happening within different parts of the club, and perhaps more fully appreciate why the club has taken (or not) certain decisions or actions.

We are hopeful, however, that as a part of this effort we will continue to gain greater clarity on some of the more important questions and issues that exist with supporters.

We will send out an update when this new section of the website goes live.

Enjoy the match.