From the boardroom

15th December 2018

Chief operating officer Chris Pearlman brings fans up to date on events and progress off the pitch at Swansea City in today's edition of Jack Magazine.

Good afternoon, and welcome back to the Liberty. Also, a special welcome to the directors and supporters from Sheffield Wednesday.

You’ve probably heard Graham, in either one of his post-match press interviews or pre-match press conferences, rightfully praise the Jack Army for your vocal support of the club and the team at our matches so far this season.

You have helped contribute to an electric environment at the Liberty and, when we travel, an away end that often drowns out the home crowd.

Our fans have made a massive difference in supporting the team and helping to impact positive results.

One prime example of this support and commitment to the club is with season ticket renewals.

In the first week of season ticket renewals this year, we have seen a 44 per cent increase in the season ticket renewal rate compared to the first seven days of renewals last season.

With an early bird window this year that extends through to the end of January – thereby doubling the length of last year’s window – we are hopeful this sales trend will continue, and we will see the Liberty filled to near capacity again next season.

We have also received very positive feedback from fans on the decision to expand the youth qualifying age 16 to 18, which may have helped contribute to the increase in renewal rates.

Our Pack of 10 initiative for the last 10 matches of this season continues to sell very well.

We have had a number of current season ticket holders sponsor the new purchasers and, thus, receive a discount on their season ticket for next year.

Some of you at today’s match may have bought your ticket as part of the Christmas Jack Pack, which also performed very well.

On more than one occasion this season, we have sold out our away ticket allocation when making the long journey to visit other clubs.

The 1,664 supporters who went to Brentford last weekend no doubt helped influence the result of the match.

We also took more than 1,000 fans to Derby County and Millwall, nearly 1,500 to Birmingham City and more than 2,700 to Aston Villa.

We are already at well over 1,000 for the trip to Reading on New Year’s Day.

The club is thrilled that we have been able to continue to subsidise away match tickets with a £20 price cap for Jack Army members.

You may have read earlier this week that, as a sign of our appreciation to our season ticket holders, the club is offering free tickets to season tickets holders for the FA Cup fixture at Aston Villa in early January.

Your support and interest in the club does not stop with matchdays.

Visits to our official website are up 24 per cent this October in the Championship compared with last October when we were in the Premier League.

November visits were even higher, showing a 37 per cent year-on-year increase.

Finally, I wanted to congratulate our marketing team on winning silver in this year’s Football Business Awards for the great work they did on the defibrillator pledge they introduced in January in memory of the late Mitchell Joseph.

It is a great cause that we are honoured to help support, and to get recognised by the industry for our efforts is something we take great pride in.

Thanks for your all your support.

Enjoy the match.