2021-22 Badge Statement

Club statement | Blackpool fixture update and flag policy

26th November 2021

Swansea City would like to provide an update following an incident which occurred towards the end of the game against Blackpool on Saturday, 20 November at the Swansea.com Stadium.

The club opened an investigation as a matter of priority and that investigation remains open and ongoing, and we would like to thank supporters who came forward with eyewitness accounts.

While the investigation is still underway, several supporters have already been identified and are being spoken to as part of the ongoing process. The club continues to work on identifying any other spectators involved in the disturbance, but if anyone has any information then they can contact the club via support@swanseacity.com.

The club would also like to provide clarity to supporters regarding the permittance of flags inside the stadium.

We acknowledge that flags form part of our supporter identity and support of the club, however Swansea City would like to reiterate that, as per its flag policy, any flags containing political, discriminatory or religious content will not be permitted inside the stadium.

All flags displayed within the stadium should have written consent from the club and supporters are urged to contact support@swanseacity.com should they need to liaise with us on this matter.

The club have kept in regular contact with the Supporters’ Trust on this matter and they fully support Swansea City in its efforts to eradicate anti-social behaviour and ensure the Swansea.com Stadium is a safe and welcoming venue to visit.

The club can also confirm there will be an increased safety presence in operation at Saturday’s Championship fixture against Reading.

Swansea City is a club that prides itself on being inclusive and welcomes all supporters, and we would like to remind fans that if they witness any discriminatory incidents while in attendance at the Swansea.com Stadium then they can anonymously text 88440 using SWANS at the start of their message and provide details of the incident.