Darren Davies | We paid for losing focus

21st August 2022
Darren Davies

Darren Davies admitted his Swansea City Under-18 side had paid for a loss of focus at key moment in their defeat against Coventry City.

The Swans took the lead through Kyrell Wilson in the 17th minute as took on the goalkeeper and fired the ball into the back of the net.

Despite the strong start and early lead, the Sky Blues went on to snatch the three points thanks to goals from Bradley Stretton and Aidan Dausch.

Davies saw positives in his team's performance in the second half, but felt they had switched off at pivotal parts of the contest.

“I think the first half was too transitional for our liking. We spoke at half-time about when we regain possession, maybe keeping it for a pass or two longer," he said. 

“I think we forced play in the first half. They pressed high and we struggled to find the spare man. But we spoke about the solutions at half-time. 

“The second half was much better; we dominated the football. The majority of the game was played in Coventry’s half.  

“When you’ve got that possession, you need to be switched on. Ultimately, that’s what we got caught on.  

“I don’t think we played anywhere near our potential, or nowhere near how good we can be. But there were glimpses of that when we settled down and we were in control.  

“When we lost control of the game, that’s when we were at our weakest. We spoke about it after the game and we’ll be working on that towards our next game against Sheffield Wednesday."