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FA launches Football Leadership Diversity Code

10th November 2021

The Football Association (FA) has today launched a version of the Football Leadership Diversity Code tailored for the National League System, Women’s pyramid and grassroots football, aiming to tackle inequality and improve representation of diverse groups across senior leadership positions, wider team operations and coaching roles.

Swansea City is fully committed to the code and tackling inequality across senior leadership positions, broader team operations and coaching roles.

The Football Leadership Diversity Code has been developed in collaboration with club executives, players, coaches, HR directors, media and leaders across the game to ensure that English football better represents our modern and diverse society.

Recognising that clubs and support structures off the pitch do not reflect the increasing gender and ethnic diversity seen on the pitch, it will increase accountability and transparency and will see The FA, key stakeholders and clubs across the men’s and women’s game commit to embedding greater diversity across senior leadership teams, team operations and coaching setups.

The code focuses on increasing equality of opportunity with hiring targets – rather than quotas – to encourage recruitment from across society. Hiring will be based on merit to find the best person for the job from diverse talent pipelines.

Swansea City Association Football Club recognises the importance of having a diverse workforce that represents the local area. The club has reviewed and developed its recruitment processes to identify any barriers and is pleased that its efforts have resulted in achieving the hiring targets for new female hires in both senior leadership and team operations roles.

While it recognises it has not met all targets, the club will be further reviewing and developing its recruitment practices during the 2021-22 season and beyond to ensure they are representative of the local area.

More information on this version of the Football Leadership Diversity Code can be found here.