Follow the Swans on Wakelet!

3rd February 2015

Swansea City are delighted to launch our official Wakelet account, giving supporters from around the world access to exclusive content like never before.
The club has teamed up with UK start-up Wakelet to launch it's new service - the Swansea Wakelet profile, and in turn becoming the first Premier League or Football League club to do so. 
The profile combines links to club, match day and player articles, videos and photos, in one platform that will be easily accessible from the official club website.
The club plans to develop this channel over time for members and supporters that will provide ready access to organised media and other information of interest.
The move to Wakelet is the latest in a series of social media initiatives established by the club in recent years, in order to further enhance our engagement with our loyal fans.
The Swans already have a strong social media presence, with channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and YouTube.
On Twitter, we now have over 310,000 followers, while our official Facebook page has in excess of 838,000 'likes', our Instagram account has nearly 30,000 followers and our YouTube channel, SWANS TV, has over 11,000 subscribers.
A club spokesman said: "At Swansea City, we have a lot of interesting information and media that we share with our fans across different platforms. When you go back to look for it, it is sometimes challenging to find online so we wanted to group it all together so it is not lost and make it easier for our fans to find. Wakelet is great way of doing this."

So what is Wakelet?
Wakelet is a free social content platform from the UK that helps people, artists, bands, sports clubs, businesses and academic institutions to organise their online information so it is easier to find and share.
The visual platform allows anyone to create collections of links to articles, videos, images, sound files and websites on any topic they like, it's easy and straightforward, and the content looks stunning.
If you find a collection (called a 'Wake') that you're interested in, you can subscribe and receive updates as things are added to it. You can also follow people or company profiles to receive notifications on all of their activity.

Take a look at our Wakelet page HERE and see what you think.