Jack Army can be lifesavers

20th August 2018

​​​​​​​The Swans have joined forces with the Welsh Blood Service to encourage the Jack Army to roll up their sleeves and give blood at a local donation session this season.

As part of its campaign to encourage new blood donors, the Welsh Blood Service is at the stadium tonight helping Swans fans discover their blood type.

The ‘What’s My Type?’ campaign uses a small pinprick of blood to identify the potential blood type within minutes.

The 100,000 units of blood collected by the Welsh Blood Service each year help patients across Wales, ranging from supporting cancer patients through chemotherapy to helping mothers and babies that require blood during childbirth.

Donation sessions are available across Wales, including one at the Liberty Stadium where the Welsh Blood Service has its own team of local donors who set aside up to an hour of their time to help patients in need.

Only three per cent of the eligible population of Wales currently donates blood.

One blood donation can potentially save a hat-trick of lives as every donation can be used to help up to three people in need of potentially lifesaving transfusions.

Director of the Welsh Blood Service, Cath O’Brien, said: “We’re always looking at ways to encourage new donors to help ensure the supply of blood matches the demand from patients across Wales.

“We know how passionate and committed the Swansea fans are, and many Swans fans already donate at our sessions across South Wales.

“We hope our partnership with the Swans will encourage even more supporters to join our team of lifesaving donors.”

If you are aged 17-65, you can find a blood donation session near you by visiting www.welshblood.org.uk.