Key Wembley ticket information

26th January 2013

In advance of tickets for the Capital One League Cup Final going on sale for Season Ticket holders on Wednesday, January 30 (8.30am), supporters are asked to set up their membership accounts in order they are able to purchase tickets online.

This process is straightforward and can be achieved any time before tickets are purchased. The benefit of the online system is that supporters can link their individual season ticket accounts to other supporters with season tickets who they would wish to sit next to. This will enable supporters to buy online on Wednesday morning in unlimited groups provided that:

1.    They are all Swansea City season ticket holders

2.    Each season ticket holder has:
a.    logged on previously (in advance of Wednesday to ensure a speedy transaction)
b.    accepted the terms and conditions; and
c.    completed any missing details from their account page (i.e. Date of Birth) including a valid email address.

They will then be available for a lead purchaser to add them to your friends and family list to enable the group purchase.

For the lead purchaser to proceed to buy the tickets for the group they will need to have:

•    all the relevant season ticket account numbers (e.g. 1000xxxx), surnames and postcodes
•    all tickets in the same price category, e.g. £40
•    a valid debit or credit card in the name and address of the lead purchaser (the card used must match that of the address registered), please note, all tickets for the group booking will be sent directly to the lead purchaser

Season ticket holders can, as of now, start linking their friends and family groups on the above basis in readiness for next Wednesday's on sale date by clicking HERE

It is your responsibility to ensure that all data inputted is accurate at each stage of the process.

This service is being provided without any administration fees, other than the appropriate credit card charges, which are outside of the control of the Football Club or Stadium.
Swansea City are covering all associated internet fees and postage charges as a means of thanking supporters to their support this season and to enable them to use this internet service to access tickets conveniently for this exciting event.

Tickets will be processed and dispatched recorded delivery and again no fees will be charged for this service.