Stadium access control update

25th August


Swansea City would like to thank supporters for their continued cooperation and patience following the introduction of the new ticketing access system at the Liberty Stadium this season.
All supporters now have their tickets and season cards scanned before entry in order to improve stadium security controls.
After entry delays following its introduction for the pre-season friendly against Villarreal, stadium management was pleased to report a huge improvement in access issues for Saturday's Barclays Premier League game against Burnley.
As the system continues to bed in, the club is confident the number of access issues will reduce and speed of entry increase.

In order to provide clarity for supporters, the club is happy to release an access breakdown from Saturday's game.


There were:
18,578 successful scans
676 rejected scans
Of the 676 rejected scans:
96 were due to Ticketmaster testing;
256 were 'wrong event'. This could be due to people bringing the wrong ticket or trying to scan a Jack Army membership card;
173 were 'already in the ground'. This will be people who printed multiple 'Print at Home' ticket insteadof a single ticket;
16 were people trying to enter on an exit scan. Their ticket had already been scanned in and possibly due to people passing their tickets back outside .
50 match tickets that were 'reprinted'. This could be those who said they couldn't print at home or that it had not printed correctly when it had;
85 could be people who were trying to enter on an old card after asking for it to be reprinted, stating they hadn't received the first issue.


Once again, thank you for your cooperation and patience and we will continue to inform supporters of any ongoing developments.