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Steve Cooper | We had plans in place for this situation

19th March 2020
First team

Head coach Steve Cooper has revealed Swansea City put plans in place weeks ago to deal with the disruption caused to the football calendar by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Scheduled training sessions at the first-team’s base in Fairwood have been cancelled this week due to government and medical advice.

That came after all football fixtures were postponed until April 3 due to the outbreak.

Despite the disruption, the Swans squad will continue their preparations – albeit at home – via specific training schedules put in place when the outbreak reached Italy last month.

“We were due back in last Wednesday, but the decision was made to close the training grounds at Fairwood and Landore,” said Cooper.

“So our training preparations in Fairwood have been postponed - potentially until Monday - as we await further medical advice and information from the EFL.

“I’m not sure what will happen, but we will put a more substantial plan in place later in the week.

“We were ready for this a few weeks ago. The alarm bells really started ringing when it hit Italy, so we immediately put a plan in place to cover all circumstances.

“The players have been given individual training programmes sent to them. The players have had equipment sent to their houses to help. Mike (van der Hoorn) has had a bike delivered to aid his recovery, while others have had weights.

“I think first and foremost we must realise this is a public health issue, and that’s the most important thing. We are being very clear with the players and staff on their health and safety.”