Swans coaches 'leaving legacy in South Africa'

30th March 2015

Swans Academy coaching staff have ended week one in South Africa by leaving a lasting legacy, according to head of coaching David Adams.
A team of five coaches have been working with young football teams and their staff in Cape Town from a grass roots to league level.
With workshops and training sessions for teams in the area extended until Wednesday this week, it is believed the Swans will have had an impact on around 500 young players in South Africa.
It is something Adams believes can only leave a positive legacy for the Swans.

"I think we have made a positive influence during our short time here. It has definitely been a worthwhile trip for the club and our coaches," he said.
"The most important thing for me is that we have passed on football knowledge to local coaches that they can feed down to young players in their squads - hopefully leaving a lasting impact on the players.
"The best part has to be seeing the children's faces light-up when we have held sessions with them, particularly in more deprived areas.
"They have loved taking part and working with Premier League coaches - there are some talented young players here."
Head of Academy goalkeeping Andrew Sparkes, who has also been taking training sessions in South Africa, agrees.

"It has really hit home to all the staff to see how much underprivileged children enjoy football here," added Sparkes.
"Some young players had no boots or socks, goalkeepers played without gloves, another I watched during a session in Gansbaai had just one boot to play with - they just got on with it and played for the love of the game.
"We have presented a lot of young players with Swans kit and key rings. It had been like Christmas for them - they could not thank us enough. It was quite touching at times.
"One of the messages to pass on is just how lucky our boys and girls back home are. 
"I think the legacy we have left is that in this part of South Africa, people know who Swansea City are and will be talking about our football style, coaching and brand."
Later this week Swans Under-19s play in the annual Metropolitan Premier Cup. The side begin the campaign in Group C on Thursday against Cape Town side Battswood.
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