2021-22 Badge Statement

Swansea City Club Statement

15th February 2022

Swansea City is pleased to announce that the club, the Swansea City Supporters’ Trust and the former majority owners of the club have reached an agreement on a unified path to support the football club moving forward.

Following on from this agreement, the current board of directors - including its majority shareholders and the Supporters’ Trust - plan to work together and build on the strong foundations that are in place as a result of this agreement.

The Supporters’ Trust has always been a much-valued and fundamental part of the football club since 2001. As part of this agreement, the Trust’s shareholding in the club will include a permanently protected 5% ownership position, and the Trust will have ongoing, indefinite representation on the club board.

“This is the product of months of hard work spent in constructive and detailed conversations between ownership and the Supporters’ Trust and the former majority owners to find our best path forward for all parties, and in particular the football club,” said director Jake Silverstein.

“This resolution has come about through a strong desire to figure out how we can ensure a long-term alignment of interests between all stakeholders and to establish a strong foundation from which to continue building a sustainable club that succeeds both on and off the pitch.

“We’d like to thank the Supporters’ Trust, and in particular Trust Chair Dave Dalton for his tireless work in achieving this. I sincerely believe that we can move forward, work together and strive for success because at the core we all want the same things for Swansea City.”

Dave Dalton, Chair of the Supporters’ Trust said: “The Trust is pleased to have reached a resolution that is in the best interests of the Trust and football club and looks forward to a new chapter built on mutual support and co-operation.

“The Trust will shortly provide further clarifications about the agreement reached in a separate statement to its members.”

Majority shareholder Jason Levien added: “We have been determined to establish the proper framework by which we can work together with the Supporters’ Trust to support the club in continuing to thrive and move forward.

“Jake has played a key role in helping to drive this and, on behalf of the club, both myself and Steve are grateful for his and Dave Dalton's efforts to bolster our future collaborations with the Supporters’ Trust.”