Swansea City - The movie!

24th June

Hollywood has come to Swansea to tell the story of the Swans' triumphant rise to the Premier League in big-hitting movie called 'Jack To A King'.

Oscar and BATFA award-winners are taking the Swansea football dream to the big screen. Made by YJB Films, the independently-produced movie is currently in production with the backing of the club.
The film is being directed by BAFTA Award-winning director Marc Evans, who said: "This is not just a film about the rise of Swansea City Football Club, but the story of a town and the people who made that club what it is today."
Executive Producer, Mal Pope, added: "This is a truly remarkable story of how a 'rag tag' band of builders, housewives, teachers and travel agents came together to save their football club and ended up turning their city into a worldwide brand!"
Oscar-winning co-producer, James Marsh, agreed: "It's a remarkable and surprising tale which will make for an irresistible, highly emotional film that will appeal to anyone who's ever rooted for the underdog."
A spokesman for the Swans confirmed that the film makers are being given unprecedented access to the Premier League club: "We're thrilled to be working with YJB Films on this exciting project. It's a real first for the football world. Swansea City's success has really caught the attention of a global audience."